Fero Multi-Purpose Seat

Sofas / Couches / Multipurpose Sofas

Fero, which can also be ordered on wheels, saves space by overlapping when not in use.Ready for seminars with mesh-upholstery, armrest-free, paint-chrome-footed and writing-table-without-table options.

Product Description

  • BACK: Optional with mesh/upholstery
  • FRONT: Sponge on plastic
  • ARMREST: Optional with/without plastic armrest
  • MECHANISM: Fixed
  • BLACKBOARD: Blackboard option
  • MECHANISM: Anti-panic blackboard:, 30 * 24 cm
  • FOOT: Fixed, wheeled and U-foot optional
  • METAL: Optional chrome/dyed
  • STACKING: max. 5

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