Hotel Projects

Hotel Projects are commercial solutions which makes a difference for almost everyone who wants to adopt a human-centric approach. Accordingly, the purpose in each office project that is designed and applied is to create a more quality and functional area. At Taba Design, we provide a solution that distinguishes your hotel projects. Moreover, we care about not only functionality, but also the how the project looks. The things you need to do are simple when you want to choose a completely stylish, interesting and perfect hotel project! Start taking advantage of solutions that will meet your expectations with Taba Design!

While the aim of our Hotel Project solutions is always to bring out the better, we also aim to highlight special elements in each project. In this context, thanks to our team and project team, we attach great importance to the meticulous design of hotel projects. Here are the carefully designed areas in hotel projects!

Lobby and Waiting Areas

Lobby and waiting areas are one of the most important parts of hotel projects. In these areas, which are usually located at the entrance of the hotel, every element from the preferred furniture to the colours are carefully selected. In this context, the quality of the hotel lobby and waiting areas is of great importance to reflect the whole project. As Taba Design, which knows the importance of the mentioned areas in hotel projects, we adopt insights that will support you to achieve a perfect result. In doing so, we prefer visually and functionally satisfactory solutions.

Reception and Bar Areas

Reception and bar areas are considered among the indispensable options of hotel projects. At this point, it is desirable to make the right choices for each furniture used in the bar area or reception. As Taba Design, we evaluate the project as a whole, but we aim to highlight the maximum advantages in every project we undertake. In this direction, we present the most successful solutions in parts such as reception and bar area.

Rooms and Suites

We value the rooms that are considered the most important part for the hotel projects. While doing that, we also consider that each of the selected furniture and accessory answer to expectations in the best way. At this point, we are complete projects that will add value to the hotel project with our perspective that answers to needs and does not compromise on quality.

Difference of Taba Design in Hotel Projects

As Taba Design, which takes into account the idea that the hotel is an area that prioritizes comfort and quality, we prove that we are a brand that aims to reach the best in every work. From architectural solutions to the best choices in furniture, we always prioritize professionalism while responding to your requests with care. Let Taba Design be your selection that makes a difference in hotel projects and makes you feel its quality. The alternatives that fascinate you with every detail are waiting for you with the difference of Taba Design!